efaflu at beiriz

2016 – 2018

New Efaflu factory facilities and UMC at Beiriz

. The new facilities respond to the growth of the companies, optimizing layouts and reinforcing the corporate identity of the group in an industrial park that already stood out with the mural of Amoroso Lopes from 1962.

. The atrium affirms itself as a central and unique element by the scale and impressive natural light, but also by the punctuation of perspectives on the agricultural surroundings and the eighteenth-century aqueduct – and the integration of a unique design luminaire built from an industrial piece.

. The workspaces – open space, individual cabinets and meeting rooms – combine with the spatiality and ambience of industrial aisles.

. This duality is reinforce by the spatial sequence between the 8m and 3m high ceilings, between ample zenith natural light and the occasional perspectives on the fields and aqueduct, between the affirmation of the metallic structure and the electrical infrastructures as well as the introduction of glazed planes opaque or transparent defining a sense of small-scale.

. Industrial materials and parts are reutilised valuing textures and aesthetic images that are differentiating from the industrial context – the perforated plate introduces a delicate texture scale and the fan is transformed into a luminaire with artistic impact.