mag art object designs and produces objects with purposiveness intention, that may not have a purpose but always have an aesthetic quality impact.

These objects embody a meaning developed from the specific space of the client and from materials molded by techniques that we experiment.

These materials, searched for their beauty and a particular sensory experience, are embodied in an intentionally designed form that transcends place and materials.

We are pleased to invite you to visit the MAGMASHELL and LOWTIDE exhibition at the XIII Havana Art Biennial!

Marta Aguiar e Mariana Costa

Sofia Marques de Aguiar launched the invitation … 2 works of art to exhibit at the Fábrica de Artes Cubano during the XIII Havana Art Biennial. There was already a fascination with the materials – the fascination with fire-expanded slate, the translucency and textures of porcelain with paper … it was the opportunity to create, produce and assemble.

We would like to express our gratitude to the team that made it possible:

AMAG: Ana Leal e Filipa Ferreira

ARTWORKS: José Maria Marques Ferreira, José Miguel Pinto, Ana Brito, Valentim Neves, Bruno Lança, Domingos Ferreira, Carlos Santos, Paulo Silva

BELOMONTE STUDIO: Sofia Marques de Aguiar e Ernesto Jiménez

ELV, Empresa de Lousas de Valongo: Tiago Vieira

IS, Intelligent Solutions: Pedro Leão Aguiar

João Cunha e Costa

SOFTLIGHT: Renato Branco

VISTA ALEGRE: Nuno Barra, Alda Tomás, Sousa Bastos, Carla Castilho, Madalena

ATELIER CERÂMICA JOSÉ FRAGA, loja e escola de artes: José Fraga

an artwork of:

produced with the support of: