magma shell


magma shell

Havana, Cuba

A strong sensation of incandescent lava surrounds the observer in a rough and intense sensation caused by the illuminated slate

MAGMASHELL is a work with 92 fire-expanded shale plates, bolted to a metallic structure, with a spiral shaped base with 24 pillars 2,2m high. Lighting of the pieces is tangent to the shale’s surface, hidden in the interior of the pillars and oscillating from the exterior to the interior between 1600 and 2300k.

Shale plates: Empresa de Lousas de Valongo

Shale plates expansion: José Fraga

Lighting: Softlight

Support structure: Artworks

Assemblage: Marta Aguiar, Mariana Costa

Video and photography: Mariana Costa

an artwork of:

produced with the support of: