low tide


low tide

Havana, Cuba

Pieces of a stream of water rest on the wall, stretched out like cloths in the sun, staring at the next great wave, calm as a low tide.

LOWTIDE is a work of 12 porcelain with paper plates, 3mm thick, with textures and different translucent levels printed by manual manipulation of the semi-liquid paste. Each plate is suspended and overlapped on different planes through a steel mesh string. Backlighting and integrated light oscillates between 2600 to 1800k in a smooth rhythm every 5 seconds.

Porcelain plates production:

Vista Alegre com Marta Aguiar, Mariana Costa e João Cunha e Costa

Lighting: Softlight

Support structure: Uterque Wood

Assemblage: Marta Aguiar, Mariana Costa

Video and photography: Mariana Costa

an artwork of:

produced with the support of: